The wedgewire products are manufactured by rolling a V-Shape wire around an internal framework of longitudinal bars. The external V-Shape wire can have either a sharp end, in what is known as Vee-Wire Sharp, or it can have a round end in what is known as a Vee-Wire Wear. The wire and the bars are made of carbon steel, carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel, copper or any alloy and they are joint using resistance welding.
The continuous slot wedgewire products are used in a wide variety of industries, such as, construction of water wells, drainage wells, breweries-malting industries, water and wastewater, treatment, as intakes for dams, rivers and lakes, different mining process (clarification, dewatering, and selection process), food industry and in many other processes and industries. Even though it wedgewire products have multiple uses, this product was originally developed in the United States in order to solve the problems associated with water wells built in fine and very fine uniform sands formations.
Depending on the type of wire used and the slot opening, the open area of a wedgewire screen can vary between 10% and 70% of the total area (see graph). The average opening area of a water well screen varies from 35% to 45% compared with 5% to 15% on average of a other scrrens (e.g. perforated or bridge screen). In the case of support grids, the filtering area can be up to a 70% of total area, depending on the material used and the slot.

The continuos slot water screen has several advantages compared to other screens such as bridge slot screen or perforated screen A larger opening (filtering) area of a wedgewire screen leads to superior performance of a water well compared against the installation of other types of screens. Moreover a wedgewire filter for water well are self-cleaning (go-no go), thus, prevents losses due to friction as well as losses associated with pumping sand. Also, a continuous slot wedgewire water well screen eliminate the problems associated with fine sands, thus, increasing the life of the pumping equipment.

Benefits of continuos slot wedgewire screens are many, among some of those are:

  1. Continuos slot screen offers a larger opening (filtering) area, which lead to a larger production of the water well. This fact, implies a reduction of the long-term average cost of the system.
  2. A greater opening area (filtering area) reduces the pressure in the systems and head loss, and therefore reduces energy consumption.
  3. Minimal water frictional head loss which lead to an increase in the efficiency of the water well and/or filtering systems.
  4. Elimination (reduction) of the problems associated with pumping of fine sands in water wells. Longer useful life of the system, which reduces the cost of capital and operational cost in the long run.
  5. In the case of water screens, these are self-cleaning, which leads to a reduction of the maintenance cost and longer life of pumping equipment.
  6. Stainless steel or galvanized wedgewire screens offer a greater resistance to accelerated corrosion.
  7. Minimum failure risk in the construction process especially in wells built in thin aquifers.
  8. Failure risk reduction of the filtering system.
  9. Products design can be esaily adapted to any specific project at a minimun cost

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